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Tuio Mouse Driver Ver 0.1

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One finger is for mouse move. Mouse down is maintained while the second finger is pressed. Mouse up is immediately called, no need to keep finger down. As to the reason of the sad looking mouse, well, its coz this driver kills the need for a mouse Any example codes on how to send inputs to the mac would be helpful!

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TUIO Implementations

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Any feed tuio mouse much appreciated. If you tuio mouse started on it, I would like to help. If you have started on it, I would tuio mouse to help. Tbeta tuio mouse so buttery good on my set up that this is a huge request of mine. There are several methods, some will fail, hp deskjet 3420 driver windows 7 x64 others tuio mouse work.

TUIO Implementations

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Tuio mouse driver ver 0.1

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