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Tetracam -ADC Lite

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The system menus present users with a series of configuration choices. Interruption of power during continuous capture of images may damage the camera.

Press the Shutter Release or trigger the camera again to stop continuous capture of images. This may be used to output system menus, the camera's current view and status or captured images to a remote receiver via a wire or telemetry. Follow the instructions which will then be displayed. See link to drawings below.

Superior Low Noise Image Sensor. Lastly, the camera contains a external Trigger connector.

Once the drivers have been copied, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Sometimes you need to restart your system for the new installed driver to become active.

Optional GetShot software enables remote triggering under command of a linked computer. No adware, No spyware, No malware, No watermarks, No popup - no catch! Versand Weitere Angebote vergleichen.

As the altitude increases, the camera's ability to resolve individual details on the ground decreases. System Controls and Connections. This model's light weight qualifies it as an ideal solution for applications in which weight is a critical factor such as on board small-payload-carrying unmanned aerial vehicles. Transaktionen durch Geldautomaten, Mobiltelefone, etc. An un-terminated external power cable is also provided if power is to supplied from an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Tetracam -ADC Lite

TERRATEC Digital Camera software for Drivers - Page 1

For example, should your image during a video conference appear to skip or jump, pull the slider to the left. Remote power and display features for optimized placement on the remote vehicles.

Altitude Above Ground Level in meters. With it, you may create a complex control application in minutes. Power Consumption Two watts nominal. An External Trigger Cable un-terminated on one end is provided with the system for remotely triggering the camera to capture images.

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Move the mask with the mouse to the section of the screen you want to enlarge. Ground Resolution in mm per pixel. El bl oq u e se d e ja escurrir durante unas dos ho ra scolgado e n u n gancho. All data shown in the printed reference materials linked below are subject to obsolescence prior to posting of new printed materials. It's completely written in assembly language for speed and tiny memory footprint.

In order to achieve maximum performance, you should only use the resolution which is really required. User interchangeable optics. To its left, the camera contains a Video Out connector. Con un soporte de pared de.

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Recent freeware searches Magicgate Xp. Multiple Camera Triggering Methods. Ideal for Unmanned Aircraft. Simple operation and control.

Why does m y bro wse r crash w hen I up lo ad a file? Mouse, Keyboard, Input Devices. The button acts as a shutter release for the camera. Always stop continuously capturing images by pressing the Shutter Release or via a trigger command prior to powering the camera off. Frau schrottet Auto durch fatalen Fehler.

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Press the Shutter Release or trigger the camera via one of the methods below to begin continuously capturing images. This video editing application allows you to import various file formats including. If you activate the function, a mask in the shape of a square is blended in. Windows recognizes the new hardware and starts the Hardware Assistant. High resolution and precise spectral accuracy.

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See link to drawings below Weight g. Otherwise the installa- tion will fail! Como no puedo hacer nada con. We reserve the right to technical modifications.

The c arrying bag has a strap to allow instrument to be terracam usb ubs from the neck or hold t o the w aist for even more comfort. Before starting this driver installation we suggest you make sure you are installing the latest driver version available.