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You see me wearing nice suits but if I give a fan my life to live for a week, not everybody will agree to continue after a few days. These same people spend hours admiring the posts I put up. Could you tell me what really happened? People have the right to believe whatever they want to.

Aside the actress that was in the picture, there were a lot more. Why did you go on Twitter to express your emotions? That is what social media is for.

What did the experience teach you? Go down low hehehehehehe pls I need the naked pics. And those guys saying her pussy dey smell, if she open for una, una no go do ni? We had something and I thought it was special, dating longines like he was a wonderful guy but it was all lies.

Only A Douchebag Wants Just Your Waist - On Iyanya and Yvonne Nelson

Iyanya Dumps Yvonne Nelson For Emma Nyra Not Tonto Dike

Was she expecting marriage from Iyanya? The Ghanaian actress had a very revealing interview with Bella Naijatoday where she opened up about her relationship with Iyanya and how much he hurt her. Kurukere is a slang that had been around way before iyanya did his kukere. But what of Yvonne Nelson that first gave the interview and name checked him? At her hotel room at Raddison Blu, Victoria Island, Yvonne was a warm host as she opened up on her past relationship, her life, career and more.

Kurukere aka opioing aka muke muke moves. From your experience, are fame and wealth intoxicating? Or u tink ur ghana men flock wnt marry u?

Is Iyanya trying to claim that he was very faithful to Yvonne? Chai yvonne nelson has opened herself and finished herself. And the Nelson chic na fine geh I been dey respect for movies. Thank me all on my birthday.

Iyanya replies Yvonne Nelson - Naija Center News



The way people defile their bodies I just wonder. That being said, free online dating site why do ladies do this to themselves? It just goes to show that a man's age really does not determine their level of maturity. Otherwise let them release the pix.

Must read Did iyanya ever date Yvonne nelson

Wonder wat he wuz thinking wen he dissed her like dat. Iyanya was a nobody before project fame and that is how I still see him. But if you go through my Instagram page, you'd see a couple of pictures of us together. We both had our careers and were trying to protect our fan base and that's cool.

Actress Yvonne Nelson promises never to date a Nigerian again - BuzzNadia
  1. Its confirmed that ghanians are sluts and loose.
  2. He had other girls and other things he was doing.
  3. It's Karma, it's going to come back to you.
  4. Hmmmn, how many very successful people were somebody before their successes or fame?

BBNaija Reunion BamBam was fake in Double Wahala Alex

He is a very talented guy, I always have goose bumps on my body when he sings. It now depends on the grace and maturity to manage yourself. Mainwhile heard ur pussy is loose frm a married friend that hit it. Was yvonne expecting to go to altar wit iyanya dat just started life.

On if fame and wealth are intoxicating Yes, they are intoxicating. It's notgood if he takes advantage of women. It is only in Nigeria that people have a problem with you posting pictures. Person wey say im forefathers no go rest for their grave, im sef go hala tire!

I will never date a Nigerian man again - Yvonne Nelson

He would say that because he was wrong. In fact I honestly nearly had seizures when I first heard that song. Why she come fall my hand na?

  • At your age, you should know that a secret relationship with a man means that you are not the only lady in his life.
  • Most people only got to know that you and Iyanya were dating after you broke up.
  • Iyanya n his peeps r obviously here as anonymous tryg to make d girl luk like a bad person.
  • Iyanya's twin brother you now have the ordasity to open mouth rant rubbish!
  • Plss Nobody shld Blame Yvonne here.
Iyanya replies Yvonne Nelson

Ubi Franklin Alleges Iyanya Assaulted Yvonne Nelson - HyNaija


Get over urslvs jor make we hear word. You just have to experience it to learn. In love, you win some, you lose some. It was love, I really really loved him and he knows that. There is a lot of money but it comes with a lot of pressure.

Iyanya assaulted Yvonne Nelson Ubi Franklin implies - BuzzNadia

The last one was so bad that I just want to chill. He is doing amazing things in his career and I wish him luck. And in the end he tried to pass it off as a joke, australia dating sites how can somebody be so heartless? Were you deliberately being secretive about it?

You can read the full interview on Bella Naija. How long did the two of you date and how would you describe the relationship? But aside from the distance, I feel if you're a genuine person and you're loyal, you would still not do that. Aside from the music, greek dating what else was the attraction?

Yvonne Nelson Talks About Her Break Up With Iyanya

There is nobody in this world that would attain this level of success and fame, and remain the same. Since then, there have been other reports and speculations of you in new relationships, the latest one being Dammy Krane. Mind you, I did not chase any of them away. Yes there is a Yoruba word, Kurukere, which means corner corner moves. Do leave your thoughts and opinion on my reports to let me know what you think about them.

Waiting for the drama to unfold. There were a lot of names that people know. You wake up to curses because you tweeted that God just blessed you with a car, for instance. Stella, you are spot on on the word kurukere and what it implies. Yes, they are intoxicating.

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