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The variable speed trigger is excellent and allows a lot of control over the driving speed. The rubber overmold has undergone some minor tweaking, placing it in a new pattern that modernizes the tool even more, if that can be possible. This was an easy job, but it gave us a chance to see how nimble the tool could be when used in more delicate tasks.

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Suffice it to say, Bosch has completely re-engineered the guts of this driver, fb daa2 xp driver tripling its torque and shrinking its footprint by a striking amount. Genuine Bosch replacement part. All Bosch Cordless Drill Models.

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This is an impressive tool and we can recommend it without reservation. It heats up a good amount during extended use, but it also draws that heat from the motor, extending its life and reducing wear and tear. Because carbon brushes are wear items, meaning that through friction and use they will gradually wear away, they will eventually require replacement. The noise is mostly a medium-high whine, representing the high speed motor, and it made the same amount of noise in both low and high speeds.

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This t-head bolt helps to secure support clamp to the auxiliary handle. Restaurant Equipment Parts Brands. Its light weight makes it our new go-to tool for light-duty work. You can really visualize how convenient a tool like this would be to simply throw into a tool bag or carry in the glove box of your work van. Carbon motor brushes are one of the most commonly replaced power tool components.

More than tripling the torque is a feat in and of itself, but doing so while shaving an inch in length off the tool is simply amazing. About the only negative we found was the perplexing lack of a battery indicator on the tool. It literally looks like they took their old tool, heated it up, and pressed its nose against the wall until it crushed itself flat. Outdoor Recreation Parts Brands. It is supplied by original equipment manufacturer and it is sold individually.

Popular Bosch Cordless Drill Parts. This is a manufacturer sourced replacement part used on a Bosch power tools. We also noted that the Bosch Pocket Driver uses the entire shaft of the tool, all the way up to the hex chuck as a heat sink. You would need a screwdriver and pliers to complete this job. In short, it changed our view of what kind of tool would get the most use around our home and office.

Bosch PS21-2A Pocket Driver Review

Then keep turning it counter clockwise until the knob lines up with a keyed slot so you can pull it out. Rubber overmold covers the front and back of the grip. Coffee Parts Presto Parts. When replacing carbon brushes, be sure to also inspect your armature for burns, cracks, or other damage which indicates a larger motor problem. Restaurant Equipment Parts.

Even the rubber overmold experienced a face-lift. Millions of Parts From Top Brands. In fact, if you look at the tools side-by-side you can see that they share the exact same form factor right up to the clutch.

How do I find my model number? Restore a saved shopping cart. Screws were a different story. From our battery tests we realized the difference between the two batteries right off.

It is recommended to replace both brushes at the same time. Carbon brushes are one of the most commonly replaced power tool components. When he's not remodeling part of his house or playing with the latest power tool, Clint enjoys life as a husband, father and avid reader. Worn brushes are common causes of intermittent motor function, reduced electric braking, and reduced motor power. Even the top of the tool is protected, with the two-speed switch recessed below the protective rubber.

The fact is, this tool is just easy to grab. Bosch continues to have fairly accurate and truthful specs, which is refreshing to see in this industry. The chuck has narrowed in depth and they recessed it behind the front edge of the tool.

Bosch Cordless Drill Parts & Models

Like many smaller people who are used to having to do more to establish their prowess, these tools have an attitude. Shop All Departments Appliance Parts. It helps to lubricate the system allowing fro easy movement and protecting parts from usual wear. Pool and Spa Parts Brands.

This part is sold Individually and it is made out of Plastic. We were unable to add your email to our mailing list. Remington Parts Waring Parts. When replacing this bolt you may need pliers. Exercise Equipment Parts Brands.

Bosch PS21-2A Pocket Driver Review

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